Cricket and 13 Cards Indian Rummy, both games of chance and skills

With the ICC T20 world cup fever having taken over the nation in its grip, everyone in the cricket loving country seems to be talking about cricket leaving very little for other topics of discussion. However its this predominant love of the nation for the game which makes me wonder that of the many sports played in this country it has to be cricket that has caught the fancy of the masses.

Though cricket is considered a sports and a game of skill, I however do see a certain degree of chances, just as I do in the game of 13 Cards Indian Rummy. Yes! One needs to look closer at certain things about cricket as a game to understand that so much of the game depends on chances as it does on the skills of the players, just as in the case of a game of rummy.

Like 13 Cards Indian Rummy and Rummy Games Online, cricket too begins with a toss. While the toss in cricket is literally flipping of a coin in air to decide which team would want to bat first, in 13 Cards Indian Rummy and Online Rummy a card is doled to each player to conclude who begins the round first. In both cases, the beginning of the game is left on chances unlike in other games where skill counts.

Light, weather, humidity, wind flow and pitch conditions are all factors of chances in the game of cricket and likewise the captain of the team decides on his plan and strategy of the game. Similarly in a game of rummy it is the cards doled out to the player which helps the player to decide on his/her plans and strategy of that particular round of the game. Like in cricket, the captain may change his strategy depending on the way the game progresses, just as in rummy the deciding factor is the progress of the game, the groups formed and the possible melds of sequences and sets may be reshuffled and regrouped. Ironically the sequences in rummy are also called runs just as in cricket, where players physically run between wickets to score for their team.

Analytical study of the game and analytical study of each player of the opponent’s team is an important factor in cricket to win, similarly in 13 Cards Indian Rummy it’s the analytical study of the opponent’s cards that helps in winning the game. Each batsman, besides glancing the field does a rough study of the bowler’s moments analyzing the game plan with his next ball just the same way as the player in rummy studies the opponents cards and melds from what cards they discard and pick from the discarded pile of cards.

In cricket the performing batsmen are set as pairs to perform and score, similarly in rummy, cards are set in groups to perform and score. Like in 13 Cards Indian Rummy we have the printed jokers which are dependable, so in cricket where the performing players act as the jokers on whose shoulder the winning of the game largely depend. As in rummy, the wild cards are selected to act as jokers, so in cricket sometimes the applaud and the crown and glory of the game is taken by a wild card player, a not so promising player who suddenly plays so well as to surprise his team, critics and audience alike to win a game.

The only thing that separates rummy from cricket is the wagers. Wagers on a game of cricket is illegal and punishable under the Indian law while you can play a game of rummy online and set a wager in real cash and win real cash as rewards and doing this is absolutely legal.

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Next big thing on Mumbai locals – Play rummy online!

With changing times, rummy has also changed, but only the mode. The spirit of the game of 13 Cards Indian Rummy is very much alive thanks to websites which offer Play Rummy Online.

Rummy, The Way They Played The Game

Circa 2010 – Four to six people in their 30s rush together into a local train bogey at CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai), bound for a distant suburb of Mumbai, during the peak of the metros rush hours. They barge in pushing their way amid the mass of humanity and plough their way in to acquire seats so that they are facing each other. Despite people standing across their seats, they excuse their way to cramp up in their seats such that they can communicate with each other. As the train moves out of the station a brief case is propped up on the lap of one, a sheet of paper and pen are pulled out by another while yet another brings out two decks of playing cards and puts it in the middle of the lap-topped brief case. No card room, no casino, no card table, no soft music… a crowded train in which a non Mumbaite would find himself suffocating to death, but yet you have the most favourite card game this part of the globe being played by rummy lovers who wish to have a good time playing a hand of 13 Cards Indian Rummy on their way back home.

The Games People Play Today, as also Online Rummy

Circa 2014 – On the distant suburb bound train in the peak rush hours, cramped in their seats you see a number of men in their late 20s, their attention on their mobile devices, phones and note books as the train chugs away stopping at various stations on its way. Each young man has his undivided attention on his device as almost muted sounds, different one from different devices fills your senses. Sounds of rumbling, swishing, shooting and pitiful chirping of birds and you can well assume that these young men oblivion to their surrounds are deep into playing the heroic characters of the games they are playing on their devices. At the same time in yet another corner of the same bogey is another young man who seems to be silently playing a game which has no sound, but then you hear a sound, a distinctly human voice from his device say… “valid show” … and you know that the person is playing a game which needs to declare a valid show… and it dawns on you it can be none other than 13 Cards Indian Rummy.

Play Rummy Online may become People’s Game

Circa 2015 – In the same distant suburban train during the peak home bound rush hours, cramped in their seats you find men in their 20s, 30s and even 40s playing games on their devices. Not much sound involved in the games they are playing, some of those standing are also peeping into their screens. Then you hear a sound, the human voice… ‘valid show’ come from one person’s device, and then another ‘valid show’ come from another ones and then yet another ‘valid show’ announces from a corner and then one more from yet another corner. Yes most of them are playing 13 Cards Indian Rummy and they are not playing these games with software installed on their device, but they are playing the game online with people across India. You may well assume that one of them is playing it with a person from Chandigarh, while another from a person in Coimbatore and yet another from Bangalore and one with someone from Kochi. And all those people who they are playing with are also in most probability traveling back home after a day’s word. The Indian Rummy has taken over the fancy of the people and everyone finds it the most relaxing game after a hard day at work.

With so many Indian websites now exclusively developed for rummy lovers offering 13 Cards Indian Rummy and other rummy games, that day is not far when we would see people everywhere hooked on to play rummy online. With high speed wireless internet access now available with ease at affordable rates, we surely can assume that people playing arcade and action games today on their mobiles when commuting may very soon start play rummy online.

Rummy being a game of skill, people do like to keep playing it to hone their skills and with honest wagers or entry fee and huge cash prizes to be won, it sure is making its way to become everyone’s favourite game.

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When Ace is the face of Joker during rummy online

An often asked question on quizzes about card games is the number of Jokers available when playing rummy. Well, the answer to this is not simple, for the number of jokers may depend largely on the variant and the format within a certain variant of rummy which you are playing.

In 13 Cards Indian rummy, the base rule says that there are 9 Jokers in all (2 Printed + 7 Wild Cards), since the one wild card you pick to announce the joker for the round lands up face up at the bottom of the face down pile of cards leaving you with 7 more same value cards across two deck of cards you use to play the 13 Cards Indian Rummy.

There are other variation and formats where no Wild Card Joker is picked or declared and yet others where Opposite Joker is announced where the same value of the Wild Card is considered but for opposite Colours only, thus reducing the number of Jokers to just six (6), four wild card jokers and 2 printed jokers.

But in a normal 13 Cards Indian Rummy, there are 9 jokers, but what happens when a printed Joker is picked as wild card Joker. According to the rule of the game, every Ace in that round is considered to be a Wild Card Joker, thus you will have 8 Aces as Wild Card Jokers and one printed Joker making it nine Jokers.

So Ace is the face for Jokers when wild-card is a Joker.

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